Thank you for joining us on the blog, designed to give everyone at Northview access to experiencing Northview40 together. We invite you to email us at Northview40@gmail.com and share your experiences throughout the 40 days. Your comments will be posted here as well as each day's prayer topic, corresponding Bible verses, and a suggestion each week for how we can fast together during this time. Your involvement will help make Northview40 a rich experience for all.

We hope that you will be encouraged to take your own steps toward a deeper connection with God, your goal being intimacy with Him, not just a "perfect prayer life" for several weeks. A wise woman has said, "No one of us would say we don't need God. But how much of what we do is done without Him?" Let's invest a few minutes each day to pray and a few more minutes once a week to fast, taking a risk to need Him and watching to see what He will do.



Pray without ceasing. 1 Thessalonians 5:17

Pray today for Northview to continue to be a church that prays together. Pray that you will be a person who interacts with God without ceasing.


Northview40.5 - Fasting

Skip a meal at a time of your choosing this week, and tell God some things you depend on Him for.


Pray for Christians who want to make lifestyle changes



Pray for Christians who are teaching others



Pray for Christians in politics and the media